I think I can teach even an elephant how to dance ...

*) Planned future lessons:
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 Tuesday  Rookies  Tanec v srdci  22 Jan  12 Mar  19:00-20:00 Sign Up
 Wednesday  Rookies  Tanec v srdci  23 Jan  13 Mar  19:00-20:00 Sign Up
 Wednesday  Rookies  Tanec v srdci  16 Jan  6 Mar  20:00-21:00 Sign Up
 Thursday  Rookies  Tanec v srdci  17 Jan  7 Mar  19:00-20:00 Sign Up
 Sunday  Bachata  Tanec v srdci  3 Feb  3 Feb  14:00-17:30 Sign Up
 Sunday  Salsa moves basics  Tanec v srdci  27 Jan  27 Jan  16:00-18:00 Sign Up

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 Wednesday  Rookies  Tanec v srdci  14 Nov  16 Jan  19:00-20:00 Sign up

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1 course fee is 1 500 CZK. It consists either of 6 classes, 2 hours each (including 10-minute break) or 8 classes, 1.5 hours each (including 10-minute break). It is possible to take a private class as well: 300 CZK / hour, 500 CZK / hour if you come as a pair.

Classes take place at the following venue (please refer to the timetable above):

Club Tropison:
Every day at 8 P.M. a cafe on the 6th floor of the department store, Kotva in Namesti Republiky, Prague which changes to the Caribbean Club Tropison. NOTE: The main entrance to the department store, Kotva is closed after 8:00 P.M. and it is necessary to use the elevator located to the side entrance on the southern side of the building. Click here for map.


1. Can I attend the lessons without a partner?

Sure! Do not worry! There will be many women and men without partners in the lesson. Moreover, Vlado switches partners around several times during the lesson, so you will meet and dance with many different people. As everyone dances slightly differently, one can learn from one another and you can be sure that what you have learnt works with anyone.

2. What shoes should I wear?

Choose shoes that are comfortable to you. I do not recommend shoes with a rough slip sole. A flat and smooth one is most suitable. Most people dance in sports shoes. After a while, you yourself will find out what is the best for you. Of course, I will gladly advise.

3. Can I sign up for the class even if I have never danced before?

Salsa is a simple dance derived from natural walking movements - we can all walk well enough, can't we? Bring your smile and good mood with you. If these are not in your possession at the moment, it does not matter - you will find plenty in our lessons :o)


Eight basic steps, from which the most important are the Cuban step and mambo. And then aqua, cuba, sawera, bahela, guaguanco and the side-step. You will use these steps throughout your salsa career. Do not worry! I will explain all the steps in detail. Each lesson starts with a warm-up, during which we review the basic steps. Therefore you will remember them naturally. You will then learn several basic spins and eventually we will create variations based on these spins. You will learn how to count the beats, basic rhythm and rhythm of the step.

If your step is not harmonious right from the start, do not despair. It develops gradually. It is very important to be aware of it and train a lot. I will be there to help you. And then just Dance, Dance, Dance ...

The steps are basically the same in the advanced courses - only new variations will be introduced. There are countless numbers of variations, which is also one of the reasons why so many people are attracted to salsa - there are no borders. You will eventually understand that you can use variations and spins whenever you want; whatever you imagine.

The top level of Cuban salsa is Rueda de Casino. It is a playful social activity, very attractive even for the spectators. The pairs dance in a circle and one of the dancers shouts commands (names of the spins and variations). The pairs dance in synchronization and switch partners.


- lessons in the city center
- the option to dance and practice in our air conditioned club after the lesson and try out the cool stuff you have learnt
- the possibility to attend any lower classes FOR FREE
- the possibility to meet many interesting people from all over the world
- to change your life stereotype based on your work and limited number of people you meet
- the best relaxation in a borderless world with the pleasant atmosphere we try to create for you
- a discount if you come as a pair, you get 250,- CZK discount for the beginners' course